Holli Childs Cosmetic Tattooing

Providing a bespoke service in cosmetic tattoo procedures & tattoo laser removal.

About Me

Offering some of the most popular procedures from microblading, lip colour & freckles to scalp micro pigmentation.

I also offer tattoo laser removal & lightening procedures to aid with cover ups.

Working from Portsmouth's finest tattoo studio, Southsea Tattoo Co. PO52SQ I am a fully licensed tattooist & cosmetic procedure trained.

Pricing 2019

Prices correct at time of print. Changes may happen unannounced

Booking / Cancellation Policy

If you cancel/move your appointment with less than 48 hours notice your deposit is forfeited & a new one will be required to book again. More than 48 hours notice will incur no losses of deposits & can be used against the new date offered.

Second session appointments are complimentary however if you cancel with 48 hrs or less notice A £30 fee will be required before a new date is offered.

If you think you are going  to late your appointment it is critical to call the studio, generally arrival 20 minutes or more later means I will have to re book you & will need a new deposit. I  am to be as flexible as possible but will not jeopardise my clients sessions who are booked in later in the day.    
All deposits are non refundable.  


How long can microblading last.

Microblading can last anywhere from 10 months to 2 years depending on your skin type, activities and aftercare. Clients with an oilier skin type may not hold onto the pigment as well. Everyone will respond to the procedure differently, I cannot guarantee your results

What shape can I have?

Depending on your natural brow growth pattern and what suits your face shape most brow desires can be achieved, we will go through and draw on several possible shapes and pick one that flatters you most. If you want to arrive with your brows ‘done’ please do so to give me a better idea of what you’re after, I can then focus on what needs work. 

* Please note I will not do fashion brows or trends (like very close together brows) these change every 6 months and SPMU lasts for as long as 3 years - I'm doing you a favour, I promise.

It's a two part process- yes you may need a third!

When you leave, your brows will look very bold and a lot darker than they will end up. Throughout the week the colour will fade quite noticeably. Some may like that, while others prefer a much more bold, structured looking brow. It may appear at times that the pigment has totally gone - don’t panic, be patient. You may heal patchy the first time. The second appointment we assess the colour, re-evaluate how your skin is reacting to the pigment and make any necessary changes . Additional touch up appointments may be necessary for customers with oily skin, problematic skin, or customers that did not follow after care procedures correctly. 

Before your appointment

If you have your brows waxed/tinted/threaded please make sure this is done at least 7 days before.

Please do not wear make up to your appointment. If you have to make sure it is minimal, brows exempt. Please also have clean hair. 

If you take blood thinners please get advice from your GP as you need to stop taking it 2 days prior to your appointment. 

Before & After Appointment

Limit caffeine intake the day of your appointment. Please do not consume alcohol or drugs 24 hours prior to being tattooed. If you arrive hungover I will turn you away. 

If you have botox/fillers please make sure you leave 2-3 weeks before being tattooed. 

. If you turn up sunburnt or have used tanning beds within the past 7 days I will have to reschedule your appointment, so please don’t do that either.Refrain from excessive exercise for at least 7 days after brows being done.

Can I fix your already tattooed brows?

For work on previously SPMU brows you need to email clear detailed pictures of your current brows, If I feel I can help improve them I will happily book you in. Not every case is fixable. 



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The quickest way to contact me is through email

please allow 48 hours for a response, and be as detailed as possible with your enquiry.

Holli Childs Cosmetic Tattooing

129 Albert Road, Portsmouth, City of Portsmouth, England PO5 2SQ, United Kingdom



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